Sunday, August 19, 2007

trial in Vetrkovice Aug. 18th

I'm back home, we got back late last night after an eventful weekend of training and trialling and some other quite unexpected events.

On Thursday Wanda and I went swimming in the lake with the dogs and.... while we were playing with the dogs in the water somebody swiped my wallet (driver's license, credit cards and all) from the car. Of course, I know I shouldn't have left the damn thing in the car. Yes, I really do.... Anyway, all of Thursday afternoon was spent at the police station in Vitkov trying to convince the Czech police to issue me some form of document which would allow me to drive home without my license. Luckily, my English-speaking Aussie friend Martina was kind enough to go there with me, because the language barrier was insurmountable. Czech and Polish are similar but it seems official Czech (the kind used in police reports) is far removed from the spoken language. And I spent Friday searching the surrounding area for the wallet, hoping the thief dropped it somewhere after taking the cash. Anyway, not too much fun. I was so stressed I got a fever, headache and a stomachache all at once.

I still decided to trial on Saturday, practically dragging myself out of bed and definitely NOT running very fast. There were two runs - jumpers and standard. Uma WON the Jumpers (class of 36 dogs), being 4 seconds ahead of dog number 2. In standard she knocked two bars (both were my fault, she placed 4th), but it was still a beautiful performance. She had a time of 32 s and the next dog clocked in at 38 s. The Jumpers and the Standard results are always combined at the end and it turned out she also took a 1st place in the combined classification (nobody had 2 clean rounds). So all in all, it was a very nice showing, especially bearing in mind my state of mind....


Lisa said...

It's interesting to hear how different training and showing is for you in Europe.
Of course, the wallet theft is just like here :) - L

Johann The Dog said...

That stinks about your wallet! What a big hassle....But congrats on the good runs.

Woof, Johann

Uma said...

Update. I picked up my replacement driver's license and ID today. It took only a week. My new ATM and credit cards are supposedly in the mail and since I can do most of my banking online anyway, the entire process turned out to be much less of a hassle than I thought. But thanks, guys, for your concern.