Tuesday, May 13, 2008

weekend attractions

There's really been a lot going on... Really. The demolition works on the house are continuing and although the guys are really working hard, it's obvious that it will all take longer than expected. We're willing to make some sacrifices, divide the entire undertaking into stages and such, but we really want to have a bathroom, a kitchen and a bedroom ready in about a month. So keep your fingers crossed.
Since uploading photos on blogger is quite a chore andd they're totally NOT agility related I have some pics here if anyone's interested:

In general the panelling is gone, the floors are gone, the heating pipes have been replaced and the water pipes have all been replaced. The walls which we planned to demolish have been demolished by now. BUT we still need drywall, floors (though I'm willing to go with carpeting in the living room for a while instead fo the hardwood I had planned) and well, a kitchen and a bathroom. The construction team has increased in size to 5 guys this week, because we really want them to speed up.

As for the weekend, I had entered Uma in agility on Saturday, because it was almost in our backyard. The judge was someone I'd sworn I'd never show under, after the trial in Bydgoszcz last September. He does not have a clue about course flow and such, is very inconsistent with his calls etc. There were only two runs planned, jumpers and standard. We off-coursed rather quickly on the jumpers and did very well in standard A2 (one of the nastiest A2 courses I've seen) up until the penultimate obstacle, which Uma backjumped (not that it was her fault). The A1 course was very easy (no weaves, no teeter) and there were quite a few clean runs there, including several by some good friends. The A0 courses were easy which was nice, because the three girls from our club for whom it was a debut trial did well and felt encouraged.

As for me... I want to be able to RUN!

Here's Uma in the weaves:

photo taken by Joasia&Junka

On Sunday I entered Uma in an obedience trial, which is not something I usually do. In fact, it was her first official trial in Poland. She has her American CD and 1 CDX leg, so she's got some experience, but FCI rules are completely different. She was entered in the "0" class here, because that's where all dogs have to start and she placed third with a score of 96/100. I am tempted to enter her in class 1 some time soon, but it looks like there's nothing coming up. I have a video of her run. Yeah, I know, the "0" class IS very easy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008