Tuesday, June 19, 2007

training plans

Things to work on soon:

- weaving away from me and allowing me to drift to the left and right while Uma is weaving (to enable a front cross)
- cuing the correct entrance of a C-shaped tunnel with a slight RFP
- Uma's response to my cues for tunnel/dogwalk and tunnel/A-frame discriminations + my consistency with using cues
- two ways for handling serpentines

General and larger things:

Think of ideas for working on changing the bad habit of usinig her right lead while on a counterclockwise arc.

Carefully plan a progressive project for independent contacts, especially in two situations: (1) contact obstacle after a straight line of jumps (Uma way in front of me) and (2) when I am way in front of her (to allow front crosses not just next to the contact, but also from a greater distance). Also work on position on contacts with targeting.

Look for ideas for more jump work