Tuesday, June 24, 2008

not dog related - -remodeling update

Totally not dog related, but have to post it somewhere. Our kitchen, a work in progress...

Here's what it used to look like when we moved in:

Here's part 1 of the demolition stage:

Then we had the wall between the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom pulled down to create a breakfast nook:

Concrete on the floor:

Floor heating has just been installed:

Floor tiles and wall tiles & paint on the walls:

Cabinets in the process of being installed. The countertop still needs to be cut and adjusted:

Here Janusz is installing the oven:

And here the row of cabinets is almost ready, there will still be one more cabinet below the green one on the right hand side. These pics are taken from the breakfast nook, which is at this point empty, we need to get a table ;-)


Lisa said...

It's encouraging to see someone's project get done :)

But aren't you supposed to be having a baby???? It's not like she's getting any smaller!

Uma said...

Babies need kitchens, don't they? Well, the baby will come when the baby decides to come, I can plead and argue with her all I want. The docs say she's doing fine where she is, so they're not going to induce labor for now.

ALS said...

I am totally envious of your radiant heated floor. We thought about it for a long time....but the foundation of the house didn't suit it. I like the modern look. And the tile work is really nice.

Happy baby, when ever she decided to arrive. You must feel like you've been pregnant your whole life.

ALS said...

PS - that electrical outlet above the sink would be a huge code violation here.

Olga said...

Actually, babies do not need kitches, at least not in the beginning. A kettle will do, and that you already have plugged in.
But I kept reminding Sergiusz that he'd have to wait till we have some bedroom, and, being a good baby, he waited. And then he waited some more... People kept telling me that there are some ways to speed the baby up (or down shall I say?), but all of those ways are kinda not what you feel like doing, being 10 months pregnant :o)

Congratulations on your brand new kitchen!