Monday, February 11, 2008

trial in Lack

We went to a very nice trial in a very very nice and warm indoor arena this weekend. The footing was slippery, but most of the more experienced dogs coped well, the younger ones kept slipping and sliding out of the rinig. Uma coped pretty well, she happened to drop three bars all weekend, all on the same course, an otherwise very nicely run JWW round, where she had a speed of 4.6 m/s (that's a very good speed).
She did qualify with a first place in Standard A2, which gives her her first leg towards A3. This was a nice opening to an otherwise uneventful weekend.
I messed up most of our other runs with sloppy handling, either resulting from lack of training or inborn ineptitude. I'd love to blame my pregnancy for it, but the truth is that was not the case. Well, at least I did get some ideas for what I need to practice.

I did set up a kind of plan minimum for this year, which is to get her into A3 (so two more clean standard runs). Hopefully, this much I can do, big belly, baby and all.

I did get to meet some nice people whom I hadn't seen for a while, including a friend from Wroclaw with her 4-month old baby. The baby was awesome all weekend long, and she gave me some hope that YES, you can bring a baby to trials and everybody will survive this experience. There was also another mom with a 6-month old and the organizers even set up a separate "baby changing, breastfeeding room." I have to say I'm not going to pass up on these trials in the future even if the club doesn't get new carpeting ;-)


ALS said...

Eden looks so good on sheep. And your runs with Uma are really nice. And I admit it, you don't look very pregnant yet. :-D

I wouldn't take Eden into a bigger field yet. She is still not "walking" behind the sheep on her fetch or very straight and she seems to be up their butts a bit, pushing the sheep up yours, so to speak. If you move into a larger field at this point it may become more difficult to help her do it right because the extra room provides more opportunities to do it wrong. But she looks good and seems to love it.

Good luck with your house. You can view our renovation projects at

when you get on the internet again. They demolished my kitchen yesterday.


Uma said...

Thanks, Amy! Yes, you're right, she certainly isn't walking and she is up their butts too often. But she is fun to work with and it really is a pleasure for me to work with her, so I hope we'll be moving in the right direction. I'll hold off on the bigger area until she's calmer and until I've talked to her breeder about what he recommends as the next step.

Your projects have inspired me to take pictures of the house "before" and "after" :-)

ALS said...

Definitely do the before and during and after pictures. It really makes you appreciate how far you have come. I should mention that my renovator (Kris) is from Poland. We sometimes have some communication difficulties, but generally can make ourselves understood. In a pinch I call on one of my co-workers who is also from Poland to translate. He is doing wonderful work. Right now we are in the middle of the kitchen and the bathroom is completely done. The kitchen will take longer than the other 2 rooms combined. So it helps to stay motivated by looking at the before and after pictures.

The best thing about Kris is that he loves my dogs and feeds them his lunch and plays with them and lets them run in the yard. It is hard in the states to find a builder who is tolerant of dogs. Good luck on your renovations.